Wiser money.

Money moves faster than ever and is even harder to control. Olomon is built for driven professionals, families, and advisors who just won't settle for The Personal Finance Status Quo.

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Business-grade personal finance tools–built for you.

Like you, we've experienced the same problems in our own financial journeys and we are on a mission to modernize personal financial management.

We'll guide you along the way.


Securely connect your financial institutions.

Connect your personal accounts and tell us your goals. We’ll be on the move to clarity for your financial future.


Automatically identify income and recurring expenses.

With a bird’s eye view into your finances, you'll have the clarity you need to take action to meet your goals.


Live your life while Olomon proactively monitors your spending.

All your accounts organized in one place, giving you the control you need to create balance in your lifestyle. Spend more time living and less time worrying about money.

Build your money team.

Wiser money means good counsel. You don’t have to go it alone. At our foundation, Olomon is designed for secure collaboration.

Know when you’re “okay.”

Wiser money means having context. A bank account balance is good to know, but it’s not enough. Olomon tells you how much of your balance needs to be set aside to pay upcoming commitments.

Take control.

Proactive notifications let you know when something needs your attention. Get notified before a problem gets out of control; like an unexpected transaction is earlier or later than normal, or for an unusual amount.

All of your money questions — answered.

What is Olomon?

Olomon is your automated personal banking, financial planning, and spend management solution. It's the answer for those tired of struggling to piece together the full picture of their finances. Take control today and make your money work for you tomorrow with Olomon's spend forecasting.

How does Olomon track money flow?

Olomon integrates with your bank accounts to seamlessly track and organize the flow of your money.  Once you connect all of your accounts, you gain real-time insights into your finances, providing clarity for wiser decision-making. With Olomon, monitoring and understanding your money flow has never been more straightforward.

Can I really be wiser with money?

Absolutely. Olomon believes in empowering individuals to make wiser decisions with their money. By offering insights, intuitive controls, and secure collaboration, Olomon transforms the complex landscape of personal finance into a clear and actionable path towards financial wisdom.

Can I collaborate with my partner?

Yes, indeed. Olomon recognizes the importance of collaboration, especially in managing shared finances, or managing finances with your money team. The platform facilitates secure collaboration with your significant other, partner, advisor, or anyone else that’s on your money team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to financial goals, spending, and planning for the future.

Is it safe?

Security is a top priority at Olomon. We implement advanced protocols in authentication, identification, and encryption to safeguard your financial data. With Olomon, you can enjoy the benefits of automated personal banking, real-time notifications, budgeting, and financial insights with the confidence that your data is secure from unauthorized access. Your financial well-being is our utmost concern.

What makes Olomon different?

Security is number one.

Anything good starts from a position of trust. And trust starts with robust security. Learn more about Olomon's security practices.

Your data is your data.

We will never sell your data. We believe that what you share with us is not ours to profit from.

You’re in control.

When sharing with others, you determine the level of access that they have to your Olomon account.

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